Viscom Signs was founded by a graphic designer with over 20 years experience. We have 15 years of fabrication and sign design experience. This gives us the edge as far as coming up with the right sign design for your company and location. Our expertise shows in the signage we both design and build.

A graphic designer will design a sign that looks good on paper and maybe when it is built; but to build it will usually be expensive and may involve modification of the original design/plan. A sign shop will plan and fabricate a sign that is built well and is cost effective but may not be the most beautifully designed sign possible. When a sign is designed with fabrication as well as appearance in mind, the final product is both attractive and cost effective.

As the industry has grown and matured so have we; Viscom signs is now a totally digital operation. From our computer controlled cutting system to our large format printer/cutter, we are using the latest software and the newest skills to get the job done beautifully, efficiently and above all correctly.

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